Ceremony is an ancient way of working with energy. There are many purposes that can be accomplished with ceremony: removing negativity from houses or land, protecting one’s home, increasing or attracting love, abundance, success, facilitating healing or removing bad habits. There is a ceremony for most circumstances. Free from the construct of space and time - where instantaneous healing and divine knowing exists.


Chanupa Ceremonies (Sacred Pipe Ceremony)

Peoples of the Americas have prayed with the Sacred Pipe for centuries. It is a beautiful way to connect to Spirit through an enclosed circle of energy and direct channel to creator. The Ceremonial Pipe came to me during a Vision Quest where I felt a very strong connection to the Chanupa after a cermony. I expressed this to  my teacher that asked me to offer some tobacco to the Earth Mother and wait for an answer. That night, I had a vivid dream about the Pipe and prayers for the people. I told her the dream and offered her tobacco that she would pray over to see what was next. She got a very clear message that I was to be a Pipe Carrier and that a pipe would come to me. It took seven months for a pipe to come my way, it was passed down from an Elder in Canada. I was  to pray with this pipe every day for one year. About two years after this, I was gifted a Ceremonial Pipe to share with the people.


Munay-Ki Rites including the “Rite of the Womb”

The Munay-Ki Rites are energetic transmissions from the Inka Q’ero nation. They have been released in an attempt to help people fast track their spiritual growth and personal healing, in an attempt to create Earthkeepers — people who Walk in Beauty and understand how to steward the Earth. It is said they help anchor people into the new time to come. But by helping people heal themselves, we also help create the time to come. When people are released from their old stories, fears and limitations, they will Walk in Beauty with love in their hearts and service in their souls.


Home or Office Blessing or Clearing

Space clearing for home or Office: clearing of all intrusive negative entities and energies, clearing of human negativity, healing and illumination of the space to raise its frequency, setting up of protection around the space, clearing of land where appropriate. May include some Spiritual Counseling for the owner/tenant.


Other ceremonies  I offer include: Personal Despacho ceremony, Group Despacho Ceremony, Full Moon Ceremony, New Moon Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Rite of passage Ceremony, and Bless Away.