If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic lyme...

Today I am fully alive. An awakened, powerful woman leading a life I could have only dreamed of. My blessing into this journey came through chronic lyme, one of my greatest teachers.


After seven years of working with this experience I am ready to share my deep understanding of its power and path. Holding space for the unfolding of a life fully embodied and realized. And I am honored to share this most precious gift with others suffering from chronic lyme.

I am here to provide guidance and support for your own healing journey, where as you will not only heal your physical body, but your whole being on every level. Alchemizing the blessing of lyme into your most powerful beingness. Fully embody your true self.

My offering has come to me as a download from spirit. This is part of my life purpose and passion. Raising the vibration and breaking through old programs and paradigms. There is a new operating system available to us. We are here at this time in space to create a new Earth. The golden age. And we have to do it together as a whole. It is glorious to be alive at this time with you!

Lyme is the fuel, your body the vehicle and I am your GPS.


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