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Shamanic Drum & Rattle Making Workshop

Experience the magic of birthing your own medicine drum with your very own love, passion & energy entwined in its being. Connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the spirit world to discover your true self. 

You will learn some basic shamanic traditions and rituals and go on a mini vision quest to connect spiritually with your drum and rattle.

We will be making your choice of a 14", 16" or 18" round elk-hide drum with cedar frame, beater and a traditional elk-hide rattle.

Price includes all materials and fees.

Register by e-mailing:

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14" Drum $275

16" Drum $295

18" Drum $310

EARLY BIRD COST (if paid in full by June 23, 2016)

14” Drum $250

16" Drum $270

18" Drum $285

Later Event: September 9
Sacred Circle