“I believe the drums themselves taught me to be a drum maker. Then again, I think the only credentials a drum maker can have, ultimately, are the voices of her drums.”
— Mia Luz

After a lifelong interest in spirit and the healing arts together with a strong connection to our Earth mother, it was natural for me to find my way to the birthing of the sacred drum. Deep-rooted studies of Shamanic Earth-based traditions from all around the world fortified my path and sent out the call.    

I have creatively worked with my hands since childhood, always using natural, raw materials, which easily translated into this craft. The first time I tied a drum with the Ojibwe Elders I had a strong deep sense it was not the first time I was making a drum, I knew it had been in my being for lifetimes. 

Blessed with the craft and the offerings of mama Gaia I’m able to put forth these sacred instruments and healing tools and share them with the world. Connecting and sharing with souls on the path, it has been an honor to support many others in the birthing of their own medicine drums, rattles, and sacred tools. 


I am a contemporary Medicine Woman an Alchemical Priestess, Circle facilitator and a Drum-Doula. Certified practitioner of Shamanic Energy medicine an Ojibwe Pipe Carrier and a mother.

I live and create in beautiful Pennsylvania.


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By Mia Luz



She is calling.  


She is summoning Her children back home.

Are you hearing Her call?

Are you heading Her call?


Mama Gaia’s call is being heard by many and more.

I smile.

All is well.



As a culture we have lost our connection to nature—our provider, our teacher, and our security. The seduction of the prescribed path is powerful, leading us away from our hearts, making it possible for us to disconnect with our Mother, She who is our abundance and our Earth. I had to detour and get lost in the realms of our cultural disconnect and fear paradigm before I could understand this.

I remember saying as a teenager that I didn’t want to be rich, I wanted to live a rich life! Little did I know, what you ask for you shall receive. A rich life it became, for sure, navigating adventures, creativity, the endless search for meaning and truth, abuse, love, despair, loss, abundance, and bliss… and I have not become rich, yet. I knew somewhere deep within that money alone would not make me happy or fulfilled. 

So I set out to notmake my fortune.



When my daughter was around three I started having a recurring lucid dream of my Maya (aka my live- in guru) and me holding hands, skipping joyfully toward the horizon through a barren desert. Going nowhere. Coming from nowhere. Empty handed. Completely content, happy and fulfilled, radiating grace, joy, and love. This dream was a saving grace for what was to come.


            My wake- up call was a stripping of everything that I thought I was and had. Knowing the stories are unimportant, though they do serve a purpose when seeing the opportunities within them. These alchemizing situations initiate us into higher frequencies.

One of my greatest gifts and initiations came through an undiagnosed chronic illness: two years in bed as a single mother with minimal help. Many sleepless nights of worry and anxiety trying to figure out a solution in my external reality.

            With a humble child support check I somehow made it work, riding the wings of my creativity. I would tell myself that I was mastering the ability to dilute money. No one really knew how little we had, as I never projected lack or poverty, keeping my head up high at the assistance office. Always knowing the worth of my soul, I chose to walk with dignity and integrity through my days, even when faced with custody battles, illness, bankruptcy, heartbreak, and a not knowing if I could make it through. Having experienced domestic violence, I understood that I am never a victim and always responsible for my situation, I knew deep in my heart I had created this. I was in the maze of the dark Goddess. Only I did not, at the time, fully understand why.

            The why was because it was time.            

My cleaning the slate time. My stripping of everything time. Total surrendering time. Eradicating viral social conditioning time. It was awakening time.

I was slowly freeing myself from the fear of being without. Slowly able to let go of the illusion of having security. Having nothing is freedom, because there is nothing to lose. Then you can build from there… it’s a win- win. I was gifted a clear slate.

All was still. All was empty.

There was nothing to do. There was nowhere to go…

… but within... to be present with each moment.

Ahhhh the refuge. This was the why.

My soul was aroused. I was finally still enough to hear Her. Quiet enough to feel Her. Present enough to bewith Her. From my bed I could hear Herbreathing. Waking up to trust.

The “dream” became my safe haven, my emotional security, I knew we were always going to be okay.  

I listened…

…then there was a call. It was Gaia, our Earth Star herself. She had come to lead me into the experience of true freedom.

I was ready.

She offered me a gift in the form of a multi- purpose channel. I was to become a drum doula and make medicine drums…

What? Me? Make drums?

Yes, me. I was to create Her heartbeat so that many and more can hear Her call. Assist others in the birthing of their own drums, their own heartbeats. Sounding Mama Gaia’s heartbeat into our mass confusion. The transmission she gifted me was so that I could find my way to my purpose. The drums became the vehicle on my road to healing and inner abundance, abundance that I cannot lose, soul- level healing.

Spirit is always presenting us with opportunities that are in alignment with our purpose and highest potential; all I had to do was learn how to listen —trust and follow. This time I did. I had no more fear. Nothing holding me back. Slowly it all started to unfold. Still and ever unfolding.

This gift was a merging of all that I am. Since childhood I have worked with my hands in every possible medium, I have always been a seeker of spirit and I am a Leo and a number 1 in numerology, making me a natural leader. This channel uses all of me, all that I love and all that I am naturally good at. I can offer the fullness of who I am.

As the unfolding took place, I eventually figured out that it was chronic Lyme I was battling. I found a healer who was able to guide me back to complete health after seven years of illness. People, situations, opportunities, and Gaia came forth on my path, teaching me that when the body fails it enables the soul to thrive, get stronger and lead the way. This is powerful medicine. Now I know I am to be a bridge between nature and culture.

            Somewhere in the midst of it all I made it through to the “other side.”—free of the shackles our culture forces upon us, free of the programming of what success means, free of fear, lack, worry… Finding myself fulfilled, abundant, peaceful and with joy. Thinking this is happiness, non-circumstantial happiness. It truly feels that way. The gratitude, the beauty. The awe of creation that is my reality. An underlying bliss between the moments that make up my life. Fully trusting in the guidance of my higher self, knowing this part of me has full connection with all of creation, both in the seen and unseen worlds. My connection to spirit is strong.

            I am still a single mother, still financially living under normal standards in America, driving the same car, living in the same home… But, I am abundantbeyond words. Truly abundant. My home is beautiful, a temple in its purest form, my sanctuary. I have a thriving garden that has shown me more generosity than I thought possible. We graciously make it through the winters by stoking the sacred fire, feeding our souls at the same time. We have a beautiful like- minded community filled with endless support and unconditional love. This is proving to me that our whole life is determined by our inner state. The health of our Soul. As within so without.

Today I have banished my teenage words “I don’t want to be rich, I want to live a rich life” and instead welcome financial abundance and prosperity through sacred economy where purpose and abundance meet. Maybe I’ll even have a savings account made up of numbers one day… though I will not compromise myself or betray my soul for riches, as soul health is my highest priority. My channel widens. Paying it forward. Giving back of the abundance I’ve learned of. Knowing that the drumbirthing is all but a stepping stone in the unfolding. Inspired to continue my search for purpose and offering…

And yet this abundance is only part of me. 


There are other parts wanting to be healed, integrated and balanced into this reality. There’s the part of me that has not yet figured out how to create financialabundance. The part that is difficult to even express since it is still a mystery to me. I don’t think money would increase my well-being, or joy, or my capacity to love, or the magnitude of my light. Yet I am ready to reconcile. 

            There is so much more within Her teachings of abundance. When we honor Her she can in turn provide the wealth she is so willing to share. The wealth that fulfills and nourishes us on every level. She has no judgment, no discrimination, and is always -unconditionally loving. 

There is always enough.

 Being in right relationship with Her, ourselves, our purpose, our surrounding, abundance and—yes, money, She opens up Her floodgate. I believe when we can create our lives from this place, what money we receive and spend carries a different vibration, bringing a higher consciousness and striving for the highest good—especially Her. We step out from the ordinary way. We chose nature. We chose love. We chose humanity. We chose our future. We step into our power, where expectations of our culture and others no longer dictate our lives. We create freedom. And in freedom is abundance.



About Mia Luz

Mia Luz is an ever-unfolding mystic, truth-seeker, and spiritual electrician. She’s a devotee of Earth mother and midwife of Spirit, empowering seekers to find their way back to their essence, true purpose, and soul fulfillment. Mia blesses through the medicine of the West, the women’s lodge, where the deep, dark, primal and watery territory of feminine flow lies. Her deep connection to Earth was sparked growing up on a farm in Sweden, and her ongoing travels and studies in cultures with earth-based religions, ancient traditions, and plant medicines have stoked her profound wisdom. 

She serves as a ceremonial guide who can create an atmosphere outside of time and space. Being a seasoned facilitator, Mia deeply understands the magic of coming together supporting one another to heal and awaken. She focuses on supporting the New Earth frequencies by assisting hundreds in the process of finding their way back to nature, their voice, and their spirit through the birthing of their own drums in ceremony.  

Mia enables her students to release the shackles of old belief systems and cultural programming to ultimately thrive in their own light. Her clients evolve into a space of deeper trust, self-love, and true inner emotional freedom.  

Mia offers a compassionate, safe and non-judgmental space for deep transformation and liberation through workshops, ceremonies, circles, retreats, and on-line channels through which she uses community-based coaching to inspire the collective.





I was a guest on Amanda Gate's podcast talking about Sacred Space and the power of vibration. You can listen to the 12/8/17 episode here.