“I believe the drums themselves taught me to be a drum maker. Then again, I think the only credentials a drum maker can have, ultimately, are the voices of her drums.”
— Mia Luz

After a lifelong interest in spirit and the healing arts together with a strong connection to our Earth mother, it was natural for me to find my way to the birthing of the sacred drum. Deep-rooted studies of Shamanic Earth-based traditions from all around the world fortified my path and sent out the call.    

I have creatively worked with my hands since childhood, always using natural, raw materials, which easily translated into this craft. The first time I tied a drum with the Ojibwe Elders I had a strong deep sense it was not the first time I was making a drum, I knew it had been in my being for lifetimes. 

Blessed with the craft and the offerings of mama Gaia I’m able to put forth these sacred instruments and healing tools and share them with the world. Connecting and sharing with souls on the path, it has been an honor to support many others in the birthing of their own medicine drums, rattles, and sacred tools. 


I am a contemporary Medicine Woman an Alchemical Priestess, Circle facilitator and a Drum-Doula. Certified practitioner of Shamanic Energy medicine an Ojibwe Pipe Carrier and a mother.

I live and create in beautiful Pennsylvania.


Read my story form the book “Pioneering the path to Prosperity”


I was a guest on Amanda Gate's podcast talking about Sacred Space and the power of vibration. You can listen to the 12/8/17 episode here.