I was a guest on Amanda Gate's podcast, talking about sacred space and the power of vibration. You can listen to the 12/8/17 episode here.

We are in the loving arms of the #drumdoula, out of time and space. The altar is alive and the river is flowing out our window. #elkskin #drummedicine #sacredrattle #sage #waterblessing #waterislife
This class has been one of the most loving classes I have ever attended. You have a gift of communicating and teaching. I liked the way you included everyone. Thank you for helping me stay on the path. It’s been an Awe Some class.
Mia is truly a drumdoula! Her way of beauty is amazing and her open heart a gift to the circle.

Thank you, Mia, for this experience. You were very accepting of individual variations. This made it a deeply personal journey of birth.
Mia has the gift of being both shaman and teacher. She allows each student/workshop participant the chance to explore her own medicine while feeling deeply supported. It’s rare to find a medicine woman who also teaches well. Mia is the perfect blend of both. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone.
Thorough, knowledgeable yet spiritual and inspiring!
I want to thank you for an absolutely incredible day and experience yesterday. You offered not just your knowledge and wisdom but your kindness, warmth and patience. You held space for everyone regardless of experience and skill. Your clear respect for the animals and the process made such an impact on me and I am so looking forward to bringing this medicine into the world.
— Karen
What a beautiful day! So blessed and in awe of the creativity and beauty. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much for your beautiful energy and patience. It is truly a gift of love.

I was so impressed with Mia’s mindful presence and awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings. We not only crafted a drum together, but journeyed into the origin of the hide, sapplings and all of the materials used. Mia is a true teacher.
— Love, Kristy Zadrozny, herbalist, doula www.saltwomanapothecary.com
A wonderful day! Completely organized. Flow was seamless, so glad I had this opportunity to make healing tools! Loved being in your energy and learning from your experience.
— Luann
This time together was fun, sweet and lesson filled. You’re a wonderful teacher, thank you for this experience in community.
Thank you for a beautiful and meaningful day. I feel this is the first day of a journey I am looking forward to the future sights and discoveries.
Wonderful Day! So powerful to make my own drum and rattle.
Thank you Mia for an absolutely wonderful and enlightening class! You were well prepared and very enthusiastic. You really love the Native American tradition. And I am so grateful that you showed your knowledge with us.
— Ginny
I feel blessed to have tangible creation that represents the heart of the earth. Something I can play and work with is more meaningful than just the idea of journeying or shamanic healing. We had everything that we needed for creating all of our tools. And such loving guidance and instruction!
This day surpassed my expectations. I know this is my drum, rattle, sticks, bell. The meditative aspects were right on target. The organic nature without as much structure as I am used to was good too. I’ve been working on letting my inner drummer be my teacher and I am not always trusting of it. But today I made a great leap with it.
— Mary Anne
This was such a fantastic day! I was expecting to only make a drum so the click sticks and the rattle were such a wonderful surprise! The day felt very abundant. So many different types of materials (and energies) to work with. You’re a lovely and potent teacher and I so very appreciate you wisdom.
— Lisa
Wonderful workshop, I will be eternally grateful. My drum showed me joyous dancing and singing already.
Thank you for a healing day. These medicines speak to me and will heal me and help me unlock my tongue and thorax chakra to share truth and healing, love and light with others.
Thank you for a lovely class, for the breathing of my drum. I am very impressed by your grace you bring to the class you have created. It is truly a gift. Our paths will, I hope cross again, and I look forward to this happening.
Dear Mia, Thank you! Was a powerful and empowering day. I am feeling blessed to have been here. Your teachings are coming through you so clearly. Learned so much. Very clearly in line with what I am eager to grow into. So cool, thank you!!!

There are no words to describe or name the gift that you have offered to us these past two days. It is like the most beautiful of truths. Thank you for your generosity and sparkling joy. Thank you for amplifying in us the eternal beat that connects us to earth, each other and the ever present time. Thank you for your reminder of importance and magic in ritual. Thank you for being you. Every moment was perfect.
Mia, it was a wonderful workshop. It is amazing to be able to connect with this medicine in such a respectful and profound way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for being so generous about it. I am leaving with my heart full of joy and love.
This class was a very powerful experience for me. I felt very connected to myself, others and mother earth. I felt I was able to escape and let go of my residual anxieties from the city and welcome in love, peace and happiness. Your level of instruction was perfect. I felt your guidance but also felt my own space to create and express my feminine energy. Thank you for facilitating such a beautiful and powerful experience.


Dear Mia,
Your workshop is a mind opener and a heart grounded experience.
Thank you for sharing the spiritual space through your drum teachings.
Keep on the good red road.
I loved the natural flow and organic feel of your ceremony. Loved the concept of playing ancient energies into new drums to pass on an eternal wisdom and reconnecting tool. Thank you for sharing yourself.
An amazing day with Mia filled with tradition, music, spirituality and love. The experience will live on in the drum we birthed. Many Thanks

— Greg
A beautifully serendipitous sequence of events enabled me to have the honor of learning from the greatest! Mia, your knowledge, utmost care and attention to detail without obliterating the greater meaning of what we’re making and why, has made this workshop on of the most memorable and beautiful I’ve had the pleasure to attend!

Beloved Mia,

From the first e-mail from you I felt at home. When meeting you it only got better… The entire experience was exceeding expectations! I feel I learned SO much, and enjoyed every moment. What I get to take with me today to my journey is much more than the drums we made. Please keep doing what you are doing spreading knowledge and LOVE.
— Taly
Mia, It was a wonderful wonderful day. I’m so grateful to finally have MY drum. It will accompany me, and guide me. Help me connect with mother earth, with the wisdom of my heart. And I owe it to you and your beautiful way of leading us to birth our drums. So Thank You! Than You from the bottom of my heart.
— Nati
Mia, I simply wish to thank you here in writing and pass on infinite blessings. Your spirit will play through me in connection with the medicine drum. Blessed Be.
— Daniel